Free Falling

Oh my goodness!!! 

Charity Skydive

I will be donning a flying suit and and a helmet and going up in a perfectly serviceable aircraft with the sole intention of throwing myself out of it!

You will probably hear the scream from the Cathedral…

So, listen up!  On Saturday May 16th a bunch of slightly crazy friends will be doing a tandem jump from 10,000 feet.  I am assured that I will be strapped to an experienced parachute instructor, not Patrick or Stuart, so here’s hoping he (or she) lives up to my expectations!

We feel that cause is a great one, we are raising money for Marie Curie Cancer Care.  There’s not long left so I have to make a concerted effort to reach target (£1000+.)

If you want to see us jump please email, or leave a comment, and I’ll get back to you with some finer details.  There is already a huge ‘support’ crowd coming to watch, and it seems like the more the merrier.  We are certainly expecting a big cheer if we reach the finish-line :-)

Many, many thanks to those who have already sponsored us, particularly Granny Margaret and Clare for getting things started so generously.

If you haven’t yet sponsored us then please do so by clicking on this link –

We worked out that if every one of our friends on email or Facebook sponsors us £1 we will make our target.  If you are able to sponsor us more then you can feel great about that, and it will make up for those who didn’t get the mail in time, although you can still donate after we land if you wish, so don’t feel you’ve missed your chance.

That link again:

Thanks! :-)

Marie Curie Cancer Care

london-parachute-schoolSponsor us and raise some much needed cash for Marie Curie




UPDATE (Wednesday 13th)  Sponsorship is now in excess of  £750, which is great news, but we are still some way short of the round grand we want to raise. 

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