Why Independent Midwifery?

With your help we may be able to make this experience freely and widely available to women in the United Kingdom.

This was written by a mother who had experienced Independent Midwifery care and who has kindly agreed for it to be used here.


Want Independent Midwifery Care Feels Like…

If you pass this on to anyone who might not know what independent midwifery care would be like, ask them to imaginethis..Imagine being able to spend an hour, or even two, with your midwife every time you saw her.

Imagine being able to talk about everything that is worrying you, and not just the physical symptoms of your pregnancy.

Imagine knowing that the midwife you saw at your last appointment, will be the same midwife you see at your next appointment.

Imagine knowing that the midwife you have come to love and trust will be the same midwife who catches your baby and cares for you in the days following the birth.

Imagine being hugged and kissed by your midwife when you are in labour, and that that doesn’t feel strange.

Imagine being able to plan the birth you want, free from the fear that you will face opposition and with the confidence that you will be supported no matter what.

Imagine being able to call your midwife a part of your family and


Imagine your children growing up knowing their midwife so well that they want to invite her to their birthday party each year.

That is what independent midwifery is.

If you want this type of midwifery care free on the NHS for yourself, for your daughters, granddaughters, friends, family or just birthing women generally you may want to read on…


The campaign to save Independent Midwifery continues. Changes in legislation mean that we may be unable to practise legally as Independent Midwives after next year unless women and their supporters demand that this option remains open. If Independent Midwives become illegal, pregnant women will have very little choice over the type of care they receive and who provides it. We are now working towards Independent Midwives remaining self-employed and “contracting in” to the NHS to work for Primary Care Trusts (PCT’s). This would mean that women would have more choice about their care and their carers within the NHS system.Independent Midwives UK (the new name for the Independent Midwives Association) is now in the process of collecting names and addresses of all those who would like to see Independent Midwifery essentially FREE to all women at the point of care. Once we can demonstrate a local need for such services, commissioning Independent Midwifery services is the next logical step for Primary Care Trusts. This is in line with Government policy as outlined in the recent document “Maternity Matters”. We also hope that making this scheme work may also entice some of the many trained but non-practising midwives back into the best job in the world.Do you want to help make this happen?


Please go to Independent Midwife Virginia Howes’s website to fill in the quick simple form on the home page.


Please forward this e-mail to as many people as possible, women, midwives, fathers, and grandparents.

Happy healthy birth for every mother is everyone’s business.

Tell all your friends and let’s beat the 10,000 signatures we had on the Government petition we ran last year. Thank you for reading this and filling in the on line form, 

Liz Nightingale

Independent Midwife


07986 493 454


“Peace on Earth begins with Birth.” Please help save Independent Midwives, visitwww.saveindependentmidwifery.org

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