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News from the Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services

Dangers of Hospital Birth

Why Birthing in a Hospital Causes More Problems Than It Solves for Normal Birth by Ronnie Falcão, LM MS There’s a saying that birth is as safe as life gets.  Sometimes birth can become dangerous for the baby or, very … Continue reading

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Why Independent Midwifery?

With your help we may be able to make this experience freely and widely available to women in the United Kingdom. This was written by a mother who had experienced Independent Midwifery care and who has kindly agreed for it to be … Continue reading

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NHS Statistics

I was ashamed to pay my licence fee this morning when I saw the BBC reports on hospital cleanliness. Having dug a little and asked for some more information I was shocked to find that this list was compiled … Continue reading

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Hello and Welcome

This is the new blog for Vicki Williams. Please feel free to look round, read what we are up to and comment if you like. I’ll post interesting articles and links as well as what we are doing with our lives, so keep … Continue reading

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