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Mum to 4 children, member of NCT and AIMS, NCT qualified breastfeeding counsellor

Dangers of Hospital Birth

Why Birthing in a Hospital Causes More Problems Than It Solves for Normal Birth by Ronnie Falcão, LM MS There’s a saying that birth is as safe as life gets.  Sometimes birth can become dangerous for the baby or, very … Continue reading

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Welcome to Freefall

Where the eagles fly… Continue reading

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I believe I can fly …

actually I can because I did it.  I touched the clouds and I’m struggling to find the words to describe the feeling, so I’ll leave you for now in the capable hands of R Kelly… If I can see it, … Continue reading

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Free Falling

Oh my goodness!!!  I will be donning a flying suit and and a helmet and going up in a perfectly serviceable aircraft with the sole intention of throwing myself out of it! You will probably hear the scream from the … Continue reading

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Ivor the Engine

Here he is look, Ivor the Engine Continue reading

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Did BT really hit their own tunnel?

Well! How on earth either navigation or mapping were so bad that a tunnel 32 metres (yes, I did say metres) underground was hit by another tunnel is somewhat beyond my understanding of basic SatNav! I am left completely without … Continue reading

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The Producers

There was not a clever or witty title I could think of to do this show justice.  I have not laughed so much in ages, and have not seen such a fantastic piece of theatre in a very long time. … Continue reading

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I probably shan’t be blogging for a little while, I shall be learning how to use my new iphone.  After that I may blog with it. Many thanks to the very persistent and very patient O2 store in Lincoln.

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There are some helpful people at Vodafone, keep calling back until you get a good one;-) Continue reading

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Any News?

No more news from vodafone… Continue reading

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